But it is because the situation I have recently encountered, I suspect that it is not uncommon. And he talks a lot about such carefree life, day-to-day life, without any deeper concept. But maybe this is a recipe for life?

She was about 35 years old. She needed a quick loan 

She was about 35 years old. She needed a quick loan 

Mała, 300 USD. That was about three weeks ago. She did not work, her income was probably maintenance and maybe I don’t remember some occasional work. She had to have money the same day, because some of them had to give back. The day before she had borrowed USD 100, now she was to give away the other USD 100, which is two hundred in total.

It turns out that apart from banks, loan and loan companies, there is another market on the market – the private loans market, where friendship, neighborhood and friendship do not matter. You need to pay. Some elderly woman who needed money for medicine told me something like that a few days ago. She had a weak BIK, BIG and none of the loan companies wanted to give her another payday loan .

She went to a friend, asked him for 100 USD, he told her that he would borrow as much as 200. The lady asked him why he wanted to earn on her, the person he knows, he shrugged and said that these were his conditions and either , or not. Of course she didn’t.
But I’m coming back to the first of the ladies. One of the loan companies made this amount available to her, in just an hour she had it on her account. She could do her business.

Three weeks passed

Three weeks passed

One day I have a phone call, you are calling that she has not waited a month, she repaid the loan earlier because she needs a larger one.
And that he will come to me. So she didn’t come that day, but the next. With my daughter. I don’t know how old the child may have been, but I think she could be 6-7 years old.

This time you needed more money, twice the amount.
And by the way she boasted that the day before she had bought her daughter Lego bricks for 400 USD !!!!!

400 USD for blocks, when there is no money in the household budget ???


I totally missed it. I do not understand this behavior. How can you not have the money to meet the basic needs, spend on the whims of a child. So I started to explain that this is not the way, that children have to be taught the right attitudes, explain that there are other expenses, there are also debts in banks, in addition to being paid back late. Taking a payday loan of USD 400, you must donate at least USD 150 more.

So where is the sense here, where is the logic.
I said that for such an expense and at this age, the child should save itself. To which the lady with disarming honesty said that she loves her daughter so much that she had to do it. This strange love. To the child’s heart through the pocket.
To the heart by realizing a whim without which one can live.