Personal payday loan applications close 2017 on the rise

According to what was announced only a few days ago by the Bank of Italy the Personal loans sector has nothing to fear, indeed. The requests coming from families and individuals in our country show a progressive and constant growth and the climate in this context is decidedly positive so that the expectations for the end of the year are without a doubt rosy.

On the rise: Personal payday loan applications 

payday loan

Italians feel more optimistic about their condition, this is true, but to contribute to the consolidation of this sector a fundamental role is played by the new solutions developed by the various banking institutions, which have become increasingly attentive to customer needs and modular according to need.

For example, being able to obtain an extra sum today to meet some unexpected expenses has become much simpler: banks offer fast and secure loans , dedicated to all those who urgently need additional liquidity in the short term.

Not only that, but more and more are the solutions that plan to create an individual repayment plan to better manage the repayment of the sum.

Loan application reports


Certainly, as also reported by Italian Banking, our country has not yet returned to pre-crisis values ​​but the economic recovery is getting stronger and the granting of funding from fundamental support in this respect.

What are the projects that most interest Italian families today? Funding is required above all to carry out real estate investments, but also the purchase of all that series of goods deemed durable.

Personal payday loans have shown record growth in the last year, with an eloquent + 20.2% compared to the same period in 2016, and a good evolution was also highlighted by the loans aimed at the purchase of cars and motorcycles.

Personal Loans estimate of 10000 euros

Loan estimate of 10000 euros

Financial: Loan
Product: payday loan
TAN Fixed: 4.25%
APR: 4.33%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.117

Monthly installment € 185  Feasibility check 

Financial: Payday 
Product: Payday Credit
TAN Fixed: 6.01%
APR: 6.18%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.602

Monthly installment € 193  Feasibility check 

Financial: Personal 
Product: Personal payday loan
TAN Fixed: 6.50%
APR: 6.80%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.764