Huddersfield woman fears house prices will drop if major road project continues

A one-woman campaign against key aspects of Kirklees Council’s plans to change roads in the Lindley and Edgerton area is gaining momentum.

Trish Nuttall, who lives on Thornhill Road, a key route connecting the A640 / Westbourne Road and the A629 / Edgerton Road, says she is concerned about plans which she says will lower house prices.

They would see the carriageway width on Thornhill Road reduced by 3m to provide separate 1.5m wide cycle lanes in both directions and a 3m passage lane for vehicles in both directions.

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She fears the impact of the program on house prices in what is a very well-off area with many houses along this road valued at over £ 400,000.

The program is part of larger plans to improve roads in the Gledholt / Marsh / Huddersfield area, which will see several improved crosswalks.

Its official title is A629 Phase 4 Walking and Wheeling Halifax – Huddersfield scheme and any objections must be made by Tuesday.

Thornhill Road in Edgerton

Trish, who went door-to-door to support the canvassing, listed more than 20 objections to the proposals.

She says: “We chose the road to live in 2008 because it was wide, easy to park on the road, elegant, wooded, but close to shops and highways which offer a great quality of life.

“Bike lanes need to be set up when we don’t want them, on Thornhill Road. This will narrow the road so that the middle area, through which motor vehicles can pass, will be extremely narrow.

“At this stage, we believe that no cars will be allowed to park on either side of the road because markers have to be erected.

“No parking on Thornhill Road is totally unacceptable. Hospital staff park here often, to avoid paying for hospital parking and to leave space free for visitors. We don’t mind, it has never been a problem.

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“Edgerton is a conservation area and the charm and character of the area must be decimated in the pursuit of a foolish idea.

“I have been informed that the price of our homes will drop dramatically if this program is implemented, as many people do not want to buy a house where parking is limited, kiosks and bike paths are in place,” and there is the risk of knocking down cyclists when we have to back out of our drives.

And she is unhappy with the nearby Occupation Road plans that connect Edgerton to Lindley and which, as part of the project, would see it become one-way.

The council’s plans are to widen the existing pedestrian lane in the roadway to provide a 3m shared pedestrian / cycle lane with double yellow lines to prohibit parking, while retaining all parking permits and bus stops.

Traffic calming measures in the form of speed bumps will provide safer and more comfortable crossings for cyclists at intersections.

Residents can comment on the proposals here.

It is understood that the plans are not set in stone and there is a possibility that a public meeting will be called to discuss them further after the three Kirklees councilors of the Lindley Ward registered objections to parts of the project.

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