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Protest against Enugu as Ubosi, others accused of taxation

Some indigenous people in the Enugu East local government area of ​​Enugu State staged a protest against the alleged imposition of a candidate in the upcoming local elections.
The Enugu State Independent Election Commission had set February 23, 2022 for elections in the state’s 17 local government areas.

The commission revealed this in an electoral calendar released in November and signed by its chairman, Dr Mike Ajogwu.
The terms of the presidents of the state’s current local councils expired on December 5, 2021.
Grieving protesters stormed the seat of government in Enugu, insisting that they would no longer allow a single family to decide the fate of all the people.
They claimed that since the creation of the council zone, the post of president had remained in the control of a family, vowing not to let the status quo continue.
According to the Daily Post, one of the protesters, Professor Paul Nnamchi, from Eko Nike, claimed that they had come to express their displeasure at the centuries-old injustice in the Enugu East local government area.
He said that “the local government is made up of three zones and we think it is time for it to move to another zone. Since the local government was established 26 years ago, it has remained in an area and more or less a family.
“It’s time to make a move for fairness, for peace. Call the stakeholders, call everyone, it becomes consensus and not this kind of deception.
“Thus, we call upon the peaceful governor of Enugu State to ensure that peace is enthroned in local government. We are one people, Nike is not divided. We are good people, no one is better than the others.
“The governor must come to our aid; there is a need for impartiality, fairness and fair play and now is the time.
Bethrand Anike, another resident of the area, also said they had suffered a lot of humiliation and injustice in the Enugu East local government area.

He explained that the governor invited them on January 5, 2022, during which they had the opportunity to meet and choose the next chairman of the board.
He said: “Instead of stakeholders coming together for this purpose, the governor’s directive has been flouted. No one met anywhere, including the traditional rulers.
“Traditional leaders, stakeholders, young people, women, no one invited them. It is not democracy; we have a peaceful governor who has a sympathetic ear but the reverse is the case in Enugu East. But we say “No” to that kind of bullying. The governor should invite us and address this issue.
“The Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, the Honorable Edward Ubosi, who is from the area came and told us a name without arguing with anyone. He told us, he told us. lied that the governor had given him, and member of the representatives, Cornelus Nnaji, the authority by virtue of their position to impose a candidate on us where we are preparing for an election. We cannot take him. “